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Our story

Our farm is located in untouched, clean countryside around the Doupov Mountains . We came to this beautiful area in 2003. At that time a devastated compound was in the place of our current home. Starting in 2015, we began its gradual reconstruction which continuous to this day.

We have founded the farm on the basis of our close relationship with nature and the old traditional traditions we are working hard to recover. Because we are also close to hunting, it was natural to have our own game.

Our philosophy is high quality above else. From the rearing of the top Angus cattle, its controlled reproductions to the sale of the finest delicacies from our own production.

Farm history


Buying the lands and farm

Purchasing a former ruin and the beginning of the dream of a farm



The beginning of a major reconstruction of the farm and its surroundings


Angus Aberdeen breeding

We started our own breeding of bulls and cows from the excellent and resistant Angus Aberdeen breed.


Our first calves

Our own breeding stock is starting to grow


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Mašťov 301, Mašťov, 431 56, Czech republic

+420 602 943 167


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