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What we do


Traditional land management in the beautiful countryside around Doupov


Controlled reproduction of cattle


Breeding and sale of pure Angus Aberdeen cattle


Selling and processing the highest quality meat and making a fair domestic product


Breeding pigs from the Hungarian breed Mangalica


Breeding deer and other game animals


Selling top organic fertilizer from cow dung

Our farm

Angus Aberdeen

Controlled breeding and sale of Angus Aberdeen cattle

In 2018, we started a controlled breeding program for our own Angus Aberdeen bulls and cows . All our breeding pieces come from the best breeds and have a great pedigree . We personally selected them with experts right in their Scottish and English homeland.

Our breed regularly enters all mandatory disease tests and meets all the demanding standards requirements in the Czech Republic.

The Angus Aberdeen breed is known for its high quality meat , which has a marble look and is exceptionally juicy. This breed has no horns and has an atypical blue tongue. It is unique in its unique genetic properties, making it suitable for further breeding and crossbreeding with other breeds – it passes on their positive qualities.


Supplementary breeding of Mangalica pigs

We also breed the traditional and popular Hungarian Mangalica pigs . These pigs have a greasy fat that is very suitable for sausages where it gives them a perfect flavor. You will find it in our homemade products.

Game animals

Game animals breeding and hunting

From the beginning, we also have our own hunting game animals. Thanks to that, you can buy meat and home-made venison products of the highest quality from us.

Farm history


Buying the lands and farm

Purchasing a former ruin and the beginning of the dream of a farm



The beginning of a major reconstruction of the farm and its surroundings


Angus Aberdeen breeding

We started our own breeding of bulls and cows from the excellent and resistant Angus Aberdeen breed.


Our first calves

Our own breeding stock is starting to grow


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